Joanna & Tamar


Q. When will our photos be delivered?

A. We’ll always send you through a little sneak peak soon after the occasion. For Weddings / Elopements your galleries will be ready within roughly 6-10 weeks. For Couple / Family / Portrait Sessions these will usually be ready within 4-6 weeks and then Headshots roughly 2-3 weeks once shots have been selected.


Q. Do you provide raw files to clients?

A. Nope. For me, editing photographs is all part of the art. I wouldn’t like to give you something that doesn't reflect my work and editing is a huge part of my work. Having said this, I am more than happy to speak with you about your editing preferences so I am able to cater to them.


Q. Do you photoshop all images

A. For Headshots I always edit the images thoroughly on Photoshop making sure your skin is retouched, any spots or blemishes you wish to be erased are erased and anything else that may need a little tweak in order to depict you exactly how you are.

For Weddings/Couples I edit all photographs in Lightroom and when necessary I import and edit in Photoshop too. I try to keep these photographs as natural as possible so tend to avoid photoshopping where possible. Again, if you have any questions or requirements please let me know, I’m happy to cater to your needs within reason. (If you want pictures of your cats who are back home being photoshopped into every image - I’m not your girl. But if you’ve got a couple of wee spots in close up images I can get rid of them no problems).


Q. Can we add a videographer to our package?

A. Absolutely, we’re so excited to be introducing Videography into our packages and by all means this is something you can add to your wedding / couple package. Just fill out our contact form for more information.

Q. Can we add a Second shooter to our package?

A. Of course, Nathan & I work together as a team with him doing Videography and myself on Photography. We then will second shoot for each other (that way we can ensure both the bridal prep and groomsmen prep are photographed and videoed.

Q. Do you offer albums & Prints?

A. I don’t offer albums purely because I find that all my couples have different tastes for how they like things displayed and I would much rather give a print release and allow you to have an album made to your specific likings. I do offer prints at an additional charge per print but this is something we can discuss closer to the time.


Q. What connections do we have with you before our wedding?

A. I think it is SO important we get to meet in some way shape or form before the wedding. I personally would like this to occur a couple of times so over the course of you preparing your wedding we can get to know each other and I can offer you any support I can. Ideally, I’d like for us to meet initially either before or after you having booked me and we can chat about your plans and initial ideas and just get to know each other. If you book an engagement session with me we’ll have lots of fun and get to know each other more then too. I’d then like to check in with you both a month or so before the wedding and get a rough run of the day and we can chat about specific shots you want / don’t want and all that Jazz and then finally, a week before the wedding we’ll just have a catch up and tea/coffee and go over any last minute ideas and then it’ll be your wedding! (Please don’t worry if we live miles away and can’t meet for coffees - I’m more than happy to FaceTime/Skype you.)


Q. For couple shoots / headshot sessions what should i wear?

A. I will always offer advice on what to wear as I find that styling and coordinating clothing within a shoot can make such a difference to the final image. We’ll chat about locations and I’ll offer suggested colour palettes. I’m a sucker for a pretty dress so would always suggest a dress over jeans and a tee. But at the end of the day, you are paying for the images so it’s totally up to you what you’d like to wear. For Headshots, I have a guide of my do’s and don’t’s which I’ll send you upon booking.

Q. But i’m so awkward in photos? Help!

A. This is one I get asked a lot! And, to be honest I’ve shot so many couples who feel they’re awkward in front of the camera and they never look it. My approach to taking photographs for any couple shoot is to get to know the couple, have a laugh and keep it as natural and candid as possible. Awkwardness, is more likely to be visible in completely staged shots but instead I offer prompts which ultimately allows you to be yourself without being conscious of a camera being on you.

Q. What if i need to cancel / reschedule?

A. If for some reason your plans were to change I would do everything possible to be able to assist you in re-arranging and would keep this under the same contract however, I would require a 25% additional booking fee to confirm the new date and this would be on-top of the full amount. If for whatever reason we weren’t able to re-arrange I would refund you any amount paid over the non-refundable booking fee. I would also then offer advice on other photographers you may be able to approach / reach out to other photographers on your behalf.

Q. What if you need to cancel?

A. In the unlikely event I am unable to photograph your wedding due to illness, death etc… I would do everything possible to find a photographer to take my place who I deem to be of a similar style. However, this isn’t a legal obligation. If this were to happen you would be refunded the total cost you have paid.

Q. You’re fully booked but we still want to shoot with you.

A. No problem, if I can’t make your Wedding because I’m already booked up, I’m more than happy for us to arrange a time after your wedding where we can visit a scenic location and you guys can pop your wedding gear back on and we can have a shoot. I also would always advise on other great photographer who may have availability on your date. Heres a list of a couple of my favourites:

Tamar Hope Photography

The Kitcheners

Melody Joy

India Earl

Jacqueline Kirillov

Grace & Mitch

DRG Photography

Jessica Raphael Photography

Also, if I’m not quite right for you, maybe one of these guys will be so check them out.

Matt & Tamar