John & Shirley

J & S

Meet my Grandparents. These two humans have encouraged me and spurred me on in every way. They bought me my first camera, have modelled for me on various occasions and always are the first to comment on my work in the family group chat.

When we headed back down to Nottingham before our wedding I messaged my Grandparents to see if we could go round and see them for a couple of hours and their response was “Yes, love to see you, do you want lunch, dinner or both?”. The one thing you’ll learn about my Grandparents if you spend half a day with them is that they will make sure you eat some REAL GOOD food. So we did exactly that.

I then suggested we go to Wollaton Park and take some photos and they didn't even question it, they let me pick out outfits for them and we wandered over to Wollaton Park, saw some deer, got caught in the rain and then headed back to theirs.

They’re 100% my favourite people in the world and I love spending time with them no matter what we do. I always say to Nathan if our marriage is even slightly like theirs then we’ve struck gold. They’re heroes.

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