Matt & Tamar

Matt & Tamar

As you may already know, Nathan & I live in Edinburgh which more often than not is FREEZING. However, on Monday it reached 25 Degrees so we had to take this opportunity to take a trip to the beach with our friends Matt & Tamar.

We met Matt & Tamar late last year and literally became best friends from the get go. These guys have had such a huge impact on us as people and we cannot thank them enough. They’ve come to the rescue for us countless times, encouraged us, stayed up late playing board games and on Monday despite the cold sea water they dove right in for the shoot. Not all heroes wear capes!

This was probably one of the most fun shoots of my life. We laughed so hard, got very cold, goofed about and then finished off the evening by going to get a beer & lemonade (we forgot our I.D’s).

Tamar also let me have a play with her Canon 5D IV with her Sigma 35mm which is the lens I’m looking to invest in next and I LOVED it.

My one piece of advice to anyone would be to find yourself some pals who impact your life like these guys have impacted ours!