Charlotte & Sam

Charlotte & Sam

Nathan & I constantly talk about how blessed we are to be surrounded by other married couples who set a great example in our lives.

I met Charlotte years ago through church and within our friendship group she was convinced she’d be the last of us to get married (which we all knew wasn't going to be true). Anyway, fast forward a couple of years, she met Sam - an absolute hero of a guy, he put a ring on it and now they’re happily married living in a super cute house (with pretty wall paper) and I’m 90% certain they’ve stolen their friend’s border collie.

Charlotte & Sam

The last time Nathan & I went down to Nottingham we went to the park where they had their Wedding photos taken and we did a little couples session. We absolutely loved hanging out with them and their wisdom as a married couple is something we really do cherish.

We’ve seen Charlotte & Sam grow as a couple and we’ve seen the amount of people who have sewn seeds of wisdom into their marriage which they are consequently sewing into our lives.

Seeing the kind of love Charlotte & Sam have for one another warms our hearts and just gets us so excited for our future.

I think this is what I love most about couple sessions is just getting to be a part of something so beautiful and capture moments of pure joy that will last a life time. And more specifically with couple sessions as unlike a wedding day which is prepared for years in advance, couple sessions are just a normal average day and that’s when you know how genuine and authentic the love you witness is. Not to say weddings aren't, I just feel there is something special about that same love being captured without church bells and a pretty dress.

Here are some of the shots we captured when we spent the day with Charlotte & Sam… and a duck.

I’ll never get tried of hanging out with people like Charlotte & Sam. We’re so blessed to call them friends. And we can’t wait to see them again - hopefully soon.