Couples Shoot Clothing Inspiration

As the year goes on I plan on doing a couple of seasonal outfit guides. But today I’m just going to kick it off with a general outfit guide that you can tailor to the temperature.

I often get asked “but what should I wear?” when it comes to a couples session and the simple answer is it’s totally up to you.

But, as a photographer I’d always advise that its a good idea to plan together what you’re wearing so your outfits compliment each other well.

There’s also a couple of things I offer my couples as guidelines for great outfits:

  1. Wear plain block colours.

  2. follow a specific colour palette that compliments the location.

  3. Girls - floaty dresses are always FUN.

  4. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket.

  5. Boots Boots Boots - especially if we’re shooting somewhere like the Highlands.

  6. Pinterest - just go on Pinterest and have a browse!

As some of you may already know Nathan and I often model for other Photographers so we have a bit of experience with styling our outfits.

When we were in Paris with Deirdre & Jon we went out to shoot in the miserable weather. Nathan wore a smart pair of trousers from Pull & Bear, his Puma’s and a plain white tee and I wore denim jeans from Cheap Monday, a cropped Pull & Bear jumper and a white denim jacket along with my vans. This made up for a cute photogenic outfit because it complimented the cobbled streets and dirty white walls of Paris.

Tamar Hope Photography

Another Parisian outfit we wore when shooting with Tamar Hope Photography was this one. For this I wore a Free People dress (this one's Tamar’s one) with a little New Look crop top underneath. I wore this along side a chunky knit cardigan and my Vans. I also wore my Lotta from Stockholm Clogs for this shoot but after a couple of uphill walks I needed to switch. Nathan then wore his smart trousers form Pull & Bear along with a plain white shirt from Zara and his pumas.

Another thing to think about when deciding what you’re going to wear is to decide how you’re going to style your hair and makeup. The next photograph I’ll share was taken on the same day without going home. I had previously had my hair down and curled so for this series of photos I quickly tied it up in a half up half down messy bun and it created a totally different look. So if you’re wanting to shoot with a couple of outfit changed this is a really good way to make it look like a different day.

Tamar Hope Photography

So this outfit was shot on the same day as the previous one and like I said all I did was change my hair and clothes whilst stood in a street. Sometimes outfit changes can be that simple.

For this outfit I wore another of Tamar’s Free People dresses along with her boots - Paris was basically a holiday of wearing each others clothes. And Nathan was in the same outfit yet the photographs look totally different and tell a different story.

Emily Kidd Photography

A while back we did a shoot with our lovely friend Emily Kidd Photography in the Pentland hills (which if you live in Scotland and you’ve not been there its definitely worth the trip.)

For this shoot I wore my Free People dress (if you can’t tell I’m slightly obsessed with Free People and their sales are good value) along with my Lotta from Stockholm Clogs and Nathan wore his Joules jeans, Reebok trainers and a navy shirt. I thought this outfit was super cute for a sunset shoot.

Tamar Hope Photography

A couple of weeks before our wedding we headed to the beach with Matt & Tamar and just hung out and took some really casual photos which was also a really cute idea. Now this outfit isn’t something I’d advise for every shoot but if you’re going for a really casual vibe its perfect. A cute patterned top, culottes, a Cuba cap and an Adidas Tee. Also I loved that this outfit showed off Nathan’s cute Tatts.

I hope these couple of outfits give you some inspiration on what you could wear to your couples session.

I’ll be back with a specific autumnal guide hopefully very soon!