Gabe & Michelle

Here’s a list of things I love:

  1. Scotland

  2. Jesus

  3. Meeting New People

  4. Moody Vibes

  5. Love Stories

  6. Dramatic Landscapes

  7. Road Trips

  8. Tartan Blanket Co. Blankets

  9. Nathan

With these things that I love in mind can you tell I’m OBSESSED with this shoot we did with Gabe & Michelle in the Scottish Highlands?!

These beautiful humans travelled over from San Diego to hang out with Matt & Tamar and travel the highlands and we joined them on Monday evening for a sunset shoot. It had rained throughout the day so we got that moody looking sky which is always such a dream.

It was so much being able to meet these two and hang out with them in one of my favourite places on earth. Their love for each other is just so pure and energetic and I’m now so desperate to head to San Diego to hang out with them some more!

We also loved this session as Nathan made a beautiful video of our time with them. I just can’t get over how beautiful they are and how ridiculously insane Scotland is - I still can’t believe we live here.

Also if you don’t know who Gabe and Michelle are they’re pretty awesome people, they’re married and have two seriously cute children and Gabe runs his own Photography Business also - Gabriel Conover Photography.

I can’t wait to head back up to the highlands for a pretty exciting engagement shoot later this month.

Joanna Walton