Best Friends in Paris

So a couple of months ago some of our Charleston based Instagram / Photographer pals announced that they were coming to Europe. We got to talking and then all of a sudden Nathan & I + Matt & Tamar (Tamar Hope Photography + Matt Willoughby Film) had booked our flights to Paris.

For those of you who don’t know Matt & Tamar, they’re our closest friends and were also our Wedding Photographers and this past year we’ve had SO much fun hanging out with them and going on double dates so it was pretty inevitable that we’d go on holiday together at some point.

We then had the idea to do a Best Friends in Paris shoot. We headed to Pull and Bear to get matching tops and stumbled across a street in Paris with the Eiffel Tower sticking out the top.

We’d previously had a browse on Pinterest for good locations in Paris to shoot but they all were rather touristy. So if you’re heading to Paris just keep an eye out for these hidden gems of a location.

Because we were in Paris we just had to buy a baguette and a beret.

Here’s a bunch of BFF photos from our time in Paris. The photographs were taken by Matt and edited by myself (whilst Nathan guarded all our belongings on the side of the street.)